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This is it, I’m online and I couldn’t be happier.  It was not easy to become a pro in “webdesigning”  and “webmastering”, most of the times I had no clue about how to sort things out, (luckily there is a bunch of tutorials out there), but it was absolutely worth it. I wanted to be a part of the entire process of creating this website, so it was basically a one woman show, although in desperate times my (geek) husband gave me a hand, and also the beautiful wreath was designed by a botanical artist called Jess Shepherd. Thank you both!

How to navigate

There are basically two main segments in this website: services and information.

The Services section refers to my health coach programmes, nutrition consultations, food coaching and workshops. These parts are fixed, although everything is flexible.

When it comes to the information section, this is where the fun begins in the form of recipes, product reviews, tricks, beauty DIY, travelling, etc.

You can expect two posts per week, one with a recipe and the other with some kind of information, review or opinion.

Social Network

You can find me on Instagram (this one is my favourite), Facebook (with our community officinalis groups), Twitter (still learning how to work with it) and always through my email.

As you can see I am very approachable, my writing is very relaxed and all I want is for us to learn, make positive changes in our lives and have fun.

A bit more about me

You can check the “about Cláudia” section for some silly facts about me. For now I want to share a bit more about my journey and my intentions. I live in a country where I can sunbathe all year round (although during the summer I might actually bake), in the United Arab Emirates. Most people are familiar with this country thanks to the bling bling city of Dubai. Well I´m quite close, in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. I came to Abu Dhabi two and a half years ago, with my at the time boyfriend, but current husband, to pursue a career as a flight attendant. It was an amazing experience; I’ve travelled more than I could ever imagine and I´ve grown a lot. (Travelling really gives you a good perspective on life). It was in my first year as a flight attendant that I decided to make some changes regarding food. First I stopped eating meat, then I cut down on bad sugars and then I bought a blender! Now, I´m a health coach and a plant-based cooking specialist. Of course I still have a lot to learn but that is the fun part of it. Nutrition keeps changing because our bodies and our needs change as well.

To give you an idea about my ex-me, I was a complete sugar addict, I always had terrible digestive dramas and I constantly had headaches… turns out it was the gluten. Now I am vegetarian and do gluten-free, and although I don´t like labelling when it comes to food, these are the two categories that my recipes will fall under.

The purpose of it all

When I decided to study nutrition I wanted to improve my health. It honestly never cross my mind to do it professionally… until I felt the differences in my body: the headaches were gone, I had more energy, most of my digestive dramas disappeared (there are still a few things to work on here). So now I believe, and I’ve seen it myself, that food is the starting point for everything that is health related.

Sadly, I live in a country where lots of people are a bit lazy when it comes to healthy eating habits. I think we all know the basics: eat more fruit and vegetables, drink more water, sleep 8 hours a day, exercise regularly, but then in practice, what I see is shopping centres full of overweight people eating fast-food and it honestly concerns me.

I am not here to change the world, I have a very simple approach when it comes to nutrition and I don´t intend to be miss perfect. All I want is to be here, for you.

 “No man is an island” – The officinalis community

I want the people in the UAE, Portugal, and the rest of the world to be as one. Many of us struggle with the same things. We can’t lose weight, or we don’t find time to exercise, we don’t like this or that part of our bodies or simply can’t stick to a diet…it’s ok, we’re human! As long as we stick together things will be easier, that’s for sure. Let´s inspire each other.

On my facebook  page I´ve created two groups that you MUST join. There we will speak daily about nutrition, I will share with you some tips and we will track your progress.
There´s a group in English and a group in Portuguese.

(Portuguese speakers can (and should) be part of the English group. I just want to make sure that those of you who are not confortable with the English language can also be part of this amazing experience.)

It´s January, let´s use this as an excuse to start over, and start today…now!

[:pt]É agora, estou online e não podia estar mais feliz. Não foi fácil tornar-me numa perita em “web design”, a maior parte das vezes não fazia ideia de como resolver questões mais técnicas (a minha sorte é que hoje em dia existem muitos tutoriais a explicar tudo), mas valeu absolutamente a pena. Foi importante para mim fazer parte do todo o processo de criação deste site, no entanto, em momentos de desespero, pedi ajuda ao meu marido (que é um geek). Quanto ao logotipo, a coroa, que para mim é absolutamente maravilhosa, foi desenhada pela artista botânica Jess Shepherd. Obrigada aos dois!

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